Mollie’s library ages 1-2

1 – 2 years


Peppa Pig is where the gender programming seemed to begin. Sadly it’s not something you can shield children from entirely. Instead, we have aimed to balance it out as much as possible and show Mollie as diverse a selection of characters and roles as possible. The Maisy and Charlie and Lola books were the perfect Peppa Pig antidote.




The Zingzillas musical book is the only book that I have actively hidden from Mollie. It is SO LOUD! And irritating. But she loved it for a big chunk of her 2nd year and I will keep it forever. So that I can play it to her for an hour solid when she’s 30. Preferably on a day when she has a stinking hangover. Yep, thanks for that one, Mollie.




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