Mollie’s library age 3

3 years









This is my Book by Mick Inkpen is delicious. I just love it and so does Mollie. I picked it out at the library to offset the possible damage of Happy Birthday Jamela. The characters appeal to Mollie and she enjoys the humour. She likes to tell the dragon off and shout along with the woollywolves.


For me, the book is a thing of beauty. I love the interaction with the typeface and the way it encourages Mollie to look at the make up of the words and the book itself.


She has clearly taken it all in. She drew this picture, “the woolywoolves’ o’s.”…



These are all library books. Polly’s Pink Pyjamas was Mollie’s pick, purely because of the pink. Ugh. The gendered marketing has really started to appeal to her. I picked up The Night Pirates in a bid to show her that blue books can be about girl characters too. I am so glad I did.
Polly’s Pink Pyjamas is based around Polly’s fear of having nothing to wear for a party. Because that’s clearly a lesson we should be teaching our very young children. Polly visits her friends, who all dress solely in one colour, and borrows clothes from them. But when she realises that the resulting outfit doesn’t work she sits down and cries, missing out on the party. Great lesson here, kids! If you don’t look good and fit society’s image of what you should wear, you can’t go out to play. In the end she finds out it is a pyjama party and she can wear her beloved pink pyjamas. Wow. What a redemption.


Polly’s Pink Pyjamas will be going back to the library next week. Mollie loves it. I do not.

The Night Pirates is the perfect antidote. It is about girl pirates who are smart and sassy and don’t take any rubbish. Hooray!


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