Mollie’s Library

After a Twitter exchange with Gillian Stern about her daughter’s reading progression from Maisy to Marquez, I started thinking about my daughter’s love for books and how quickly she is progressing. That led me to think about all the books she has read and loved in her little life, how she favours some and asks for others when she’s in a particular mood. I often wish I’d kept a book journal when I was younger, so here is my attempt to use my daughter to live out my dream – parental prerogative!

This is Mollie’s real life bookcase.

It was my childhood bookcase. It used to have less Julia Donaldson and more Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl. Now it is hers and… quite full!

In this virtual library I plan to post pictures of all of her favourite books, from baby to now. It will act as a pictorial book journal, a virtual library. I’m quite jealous. Those of you who know me will know it’s only a matter of time before I attempt this for myself too.

I’d also love to hear any recommendations for books to add to her collection.

Baby books


Books are hugely important resources that teach children to understand and read language, how to make sense of and interact with the world around them. These board books taught Mollie so much. Not just about the words and tones of language, but also about colours, animals, textures, shapes, numbers, sounds. She also learnt physical skills from them. The tabs and flaps and textured pages encouraged her in fine motor skills and exploring the world around her. She had a bath book when she was very young, which sadly I can’t find an image of for this page. It had bold black and white patterns and removable shapes which she would float on the surface of her bath water and spend long concentrated minutes trying to pick up again. And a bright cloth book with modern illustrations of jungle animals and a long silky label that she used to rub between her fingers. She learnt how to use her hands and fingers through these books.
Note how bright they are, full of bold primary colours and non gender specific images. What a positive way to start viewing the world.


Mummy Carry Me Please and A Lovely Day for Amelia Goose were the first books Mollie borrowed from the library. She loved them so much that they were renewed and renewed until we bought Mollie her own copies. The fun and bold illustrations in Mummy Carry Me Please helped her learn the names of the animals. And we spent many an overtired and slightly hysterical hour growling like a tiger, waddling like a penguin and inventing strange noises for the hippo and Lemur. What noise does a hippo make??? To this day Mollie still sings “I like to move it move it” when she sees a Lemur.


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